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What Recession? I found 4 companies who don’t need $

Posted on 02-06-2010 | By: Rustam

It never ceases to amaze me that companies don’t realize how valuable each contact or prospect is to the business.  How many times have you been frustrated by a person behind the counter who doesn’t really give a hoot that you are buying something from their company?  Will you go back?  How many times have you called a company to get an estimate on work to be done at your house never to hear from the salesperson who was supposedly going to call you?

WHO WANTS AN EASY $4,000?  I found 4 companies who don’t!

Yesterday I called four different companies about getting an estimate to install a heat pump for our pool.  Of the four companies, I got two voice-mails.  I did leave voice-mails on both, but have not heard anything from either.  Of the other two that answered, here is what happened:

The first one a lady picked up said hi and then told me to hold.  After 30 seconds she came back on the phone and asked me what I wanted.  She took down all of my info, never asking me one thing about my pool and told me a sales person would call me in a few minutes.  As I write this, I still have not heard from anyone.

The person at the second company actually asked me some questions about my pool and gave me 3 alternatives for heat pumps and the prices.  So far, so good I thought.  Then he started asking me details about crawlspace in the attic, if I had a 50 amp circuit breaker, the distance along the side of my house to the circuit breaker, and other random things.  I kept telling him I wasn’t sure and started thinking why doesn’t he just come out and look.  So, I asked him if they came out to give an estimate and he said YES.  I thought this was great, then I waited for him to OFFER to come out and look at everything and give me an estimate, but NOPE it didn’t happen.  He asked if I had any more questions.  I said no.  He said thanks and to call him if I had any more questions… and CLICK!  He hung up.  Did he loose a $4,000 sale?

Here are the results of the 4 Companies that I called:

Company 1: Left voicemail and haven’t heard back.

Company 2: Left voicemail and haven’t heard back.serv011

Company 3: Had a lady who told me a sales person would call…still waiting.

Company 4: Best response and info, but apparently the sales person didn’t think it was a good idea to offer to come out and give me an estimate.

Why do so many companies cry about the Recession, but have a culture of unmotivated untrained sales people and processes?  This KILLS me every time I have to experience it.

I’m still looking for a company to offer to come out and give me an estimate, I will most likely buy from them, it’s really that easy!  It’s not about price, just selling whatever product or service your selling.  Every process in a business is a part of the sales process, train your employees to realize this and KILL your competition.

~ Rustam


The Turtle and the Hare

Posted on 08-06-2010 | By: Rustam


One of my daughters favorite stories before bed is the story of the “Turtle and the Hare” and as most of you know the moral of the story is:  SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

In life and in business there are many free resources to help us succeed, it’s up to us to utilize these to our benefit.  The problem is, there are SO many resources, that we try to use all of them and get nowhere with any of them.  Sound familiar?


Over the last year I have been building my professional network online through Linked-in, an online networking site for professionals.  Linked-in is absolutely free and has over 40 million professionals from every field imaginable.  Linked-in will allow you to build your resume online, connect with other professionals, seek potential employees, and help you generate business. (my favorite part)  I believe this is one of those free resources, that everyone should absolutely use and master.  Below I have laid out my success strategy for building a VALUABLE professional network using Linked-in.


Within this last year, I have increased my number of QUALITY connections from 25 to nearly 400 and I am adding on average 3-5 a day.  Please note, the fact that I am adding QUALITY connections and not just anyone.  Over the last year, I have had numerous candidates respond to job postings, have connected with most of the top CEO’s in our industry, improved my image and credibility, and generated actual SALES.  All from spending a few minutes a day.  Even if you believe time is money, this is a HUGE Return on Investment. (ROI)linkedin-connections-real-estate-training

Here are my criteria for a QUALITY CONNECTION.


  1. Does my company currently do business with them?
  2. Are they a decision maker for their business?
  3. Are they an active member in my industry and do they have a lot of connections?
  4. Is this a good contact for hiring future employees?
  5. Is this a good connection for future business?

Once you have decided on the criteria for your connections, it’s important to have a GAME PLAN to build your profile.  Below are 7 STEPS to BUILDING A VALUABLE PROFESSIONAL PROFILE:


  1. If you haven’t already, create a Linked-in profile at:
  2. Update your information and have a goal of getting your profile to 100% complete.
  3. Initially search and connect with people you already know.  This way you will have a greater chance of acceptance from a connection.
  4. Set a GOAL of 5 new connections EVERY DAY.  I send about 25 invitations a week.  Initially I was getting about a 65% acceptance, but now I am at almost 100%.  The KEY is QUALITY!  Also, when you get a invite, DON’T accept everyone.  Revert back to your criteria and see if they are a good fit.
  5. Groups Tab:  Click on the groups tab and find groups that are related to your business or interests.  This is one of the best and most underutilized resources.  Once your a member of a group, you can connect with other members of the group and they will most likely accept your invite.
  6. Get involved.  Once you join a group, contribute to an interesting discussion or start your own.  Don’t spend too much time, but definitely contribute something useful.
  7. Once you connect with someone, send a thank you response to the person who connected with you.  Here is an example:

Thank you for accepting my connection request. I appreciate the opportunity of sharing our resources and helping each other and our businesses grow.  I look forward to years of success ahead.  In Abundance, Rustam.

Your MAIN objective is to START the Race! On your marks, get set and…..GO!