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What Recession? I found 4 companies who don’t need $

Posted on 02-06-2010 | By: Rustam

It never ceases to amaze me that companies don’t realize how valuable each contact or prospect is to the business.  How many times have you been frustrated by a person behind the counter who doesn’t really give a hoot that you are buying something from their company?  Will you go back?  How many times have you called a company to get an estimate on work to be done at your house never to hear from the salesperson who was supposedly going to call you?

WHO WANTS AN EASY $4,000?  I found 4 companies who don’t!

Yesterday I called four different companies about getting an estimate to install a heat pump for our pool.  Of the four companies, I got two voice-mails.  I did leave voice-mails on both, but have not heard anything from either.  Of the other two that answered, here is what happened:

The first one a lady picked up said hi and then told me to hold.  After 30 seconds she came back on the phone and asked me what I wanted.  She took down all of my info, never asking me one thing about my pool and told me a sales person would call me in a few minutes.  As I write this, I still have not heard from anyone.

The person at the second company actually asked me some questions about my pool and gave me 3 alternatives for heat pumps and the prices.  So far, so good I thought.  Then he started asking me details about crawlspace in the attic, if I had a 50 amp circuit breaker, the distance along the side of my house to the circuit breaker, and other random things.  I kept telling him I wasn’t sure and started thinking why doesn’t he just come out and look.  So, I asked him if they came out to give an estimate and he said YES.  I thought this was great, then I waited for him to OFFER to come out and look at everything and give me an estimate, but NOPE it didn’t happen.  He asked if I had any more questions.  I said no.  He said thanks and to call him if I had any more questions… and CLICK!  He hung up.  Did he loose a $4,000 sale?

Here are the results of the 4 Companies that I called:

Company 1: Left voicemail and haven’t heard back.

Company 2: Left voicemail and haven’t heard back.serv011

Company 3: Had a lady who told me a sales person would call…still waiting.

Company 4: Best response and info, but apparently the sales person didn’t think it was a good idea to offer to come out and give me an estimate.

Why do so many companies cry about the Recession, but have a culture of unmotivated untrained sales people and processes?  This KILLS me every time I have to experience it.

I’m still looking for a company to offer to come out and give me an estimate, I will most likely buy from them, it’s really that easy!  It’s not about price, just selling whatever product or service your selling.  Every process in a business is a part of the sales process, train your employees to realize this and KILL your competition.

~ Rustam

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