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Moments of Impact!

Originally posted on July 2010

Have you ever experienced a moment when you were surprised by a person being extra kind, someone going out of there way, or making an opportunity out of a nothing?  I am sure we all have experienced moments when we are surprised by a person’s enthusiasm, dedication, or love for what he or she does.  I like to call these “Moments of Impact.”  A “Moment of Impact” can come in many forms but all have a lasting impact on the person and usually a lesson attached.  I have had many moments of impact over the years and always look for opportunities to create them for myself, our company and others.

Around 8 years ago, a receptionist had a huge “Moment of Impact” on me.  I was working at an engineering firm and was calling another engineering firm about a project we were going to bid on as a joint venture.  It’s amazing how clearly I remember my surroundings at the time of the call.  I called the Kimley-Horn ( a 1000+ employee) engineering office to speak with a project manager.  The receptionist picked up the phone and very enthusiastically said hi and asked who I was and how I was doing.  She went on to make a little small talk about the weather and then asked me if I enjoyed my job.  That was the “Moment of Impact.”  Why would she ask me if I enjoyed my job?  Why did she care?  I told her I enjoyed it very much and that we had a great team.  She was pleased to hear that and then went on for another few minutes talking about how great her company was and if I was ever unhappy to call her and she would get me in touch with the HR department.  WOW, I was completely shocked, but I also knew that the company had won numerous awards for being a great place to work and consistent growth.  Isn’t that interesting?

The WRONG #:
One story I love telling, is about one of my largest and best clients when I was consulting.   I was making follow up calls to contacts who were interested in coming to one of my seminars.  I remember the phone call vividly.  I was sitting at my desk looking at a follow up call list and dialed one of the numbers.  A gentleman answered the phone and I asked to speak with Rob Swindle.  I waited as there was a pause on the phone and then he said you must have the wrong number.  This is when I had a “Moment of Impact.”  I had two choices of what I could do:

  1. Say sorry and hang up the phone.
  2. Find out about the person on the other side.

Instead of hanging up the phone, I kindly asked the gentleman if he owned a business.  He surprisingly said yes.  I went on for a few minutes about what I did and then I started asking him questions and then just listened about his business. (Check out my post on the importance of listening).  This wrong number phone call turned into a face to face meeting and eventually a great client for me.

Take time to recognize these times in your life when someone does something unexpected, goes out of there way, or surprises the heck out of you.  Then try to create these for yourself and others and see the floodgates of opportunities open up for you, the people around you, and your business.

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  1. Jen says:

    Great write-up. I’ve definitely had my share of moments just never put it perspective.

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